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Gel Spa – Jelly Soak Lemon & Citrus


The GelSpa Jelly Soak is a miraculous product that turns boring old bath water into a luxurious thick gel, infused with lemon, orange and citrus aromatherapy oils. When we say thick – we mean it!

Taking bath time to new heights of decadence, Gelicity bath products originally start out as a scented powder, but when mixed with water, something quite astonishing occurs. Within minutes the water becomes gel – and not just any gel; this soothing stuff is infused with lemon and citrus. Bliss!

Indeed this gorgeously therapeutic goo is so thick you need to add a dash of the included dissolver when you get out. This magically turns the gel back into liquid allowing it to run down the plughole. Amazing! Because of its thick composition, the jelly bath product retains heat up to 3x longer than water, soothing your skin, easing aching joints and muscles, and opening and cleaning your pores. You really can soak yourself silly.

It’s like having a luxury spa treatment in the tub. And seeing as the oils within Gelicity have been carefully selected to revive and rejuvenate you’ll emerge feeling pampered to the max.

Further product information:

Single use per box


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The benefits

Gel Spa Jelly Bath
  • Removes skin’s impurities
  • Leaves skin feeling silky soft
  • Cleanses deep into pores
  • Softens hard skin
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Detoxifies the skin


Find out how the GelSpa Exfoliating Jelly Bath works with your step by step video guide. It’s as easy as can be and the results are instant!