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Glowing Initial Reviews

for Tan in a Bath

Reviews for Tan in a Bath

Launching a new product is always a bit of a trepidatious time but it’s heightened when the product doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world as yet!

Tan in a Bath is a completely new concept in the tanning cosmetics industry. The premise is simple: relax in a bath of gel beads which prepare and exfoliate the skin as well starting the tanning process. Finish the process with a Activator cream to achieve a golden even all over glow!

Like any product launch, we looked to have a ‘soft launch’ and ask for feedback on use from our initial customers. The reviews have been overwhelming positive!

“Tan in a Bath really made my skin feel soft and smooth and the tan came out even! No more patchy results!”

Deborah Howarth, Stockport

“It felt more like a spa treatment than a normal bottle of self tan. I really enjoyed the gel bead bath – it was both relaxing and effective. My body felt so smooth after! The colour was really natural (I used the Medium to Dark as well so had been a little bit nervous).”

Jackie Roberts, Dublin

“It was effortless! The handy applicator meant that I didn’t miss anywhere either. The colour seemed to last way longer than other ones I have used – perhaps because the bath had really prepared my skin?”

Wendy Thomson, London


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