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GelSpa Labs – a place where YOU can help develop the future of skin care!

The GelSpa Lab is a creative space where we encourage select consumers to provide feedback and help us develop areas such as packaging design, future concepts, cosmetic formulations and brand development. We allow members of the Labs to see behind the scenes of our product development and influence our product lineup.

How do I Join – Joining the Labs is free and granted through an invite. It requires regular, honest and constructive feedback on several different types of project. We have strict rules to stay within the Lab, more info about this can be found in our T&C’s. To register your interest in the Labs, simply message our facebook page

Rewards – Being in the Lab has its perks! Receive substantial discounts across our online store, have access to new products long before anyone else, occasionally receive free samples and trial brand new and upcoming products as early as the prototype stage!

What we need from you – We want to make this space as productive as possible, so we require thorough, concise and decisive feedback in either written or video format to any projects we post as well as regular participation in polls and discussions.

I have a question! – Please feel free to message us privately if you have any queries.

Want to join the Labs? Register your interest, message us via Facebook we look forward to working with you!

Access to he GelSpa Lab is granted solely via invite and decided by the group admin. A valid email address is required to receive the invite. No money or pass can be used to gain entry. Regular activity within the group is required. Anyone seen to be using the Lab for personal or financial gain will be removed. Hate speech or offensive language will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the Lab. Members may be removed from the Lab at any time at GelSpa’s discretion.